Code of Conduct

In order for your website to be included in this ring, it must meet the following standard: The site features content that is SFW (safe for work) and is created by or for those in the furry fandom.

Examples of Forbidden Content

  1. Illegal content like instructions on how to commit crimes, encouraging acts of violence or terrorism, child pornography or depictions thereof
  2. Discriminatory content displaying racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc
  3. Pornographic content or content that is overtly sexual in nature
  4. Content that is gory or graphic
  5. Anything that wouldn't be approved in a general workplace scenario or that would make you feel uncomfortable if your grandma were to look over your shoulder.


If your site was not approved, a reason will be provided, either through the pull request feedback or in an email reply, depending on the method of application used.

Acceptance decisions can be appealed if the content on the site has been updated to follow the standards since the decision was made.

"Privacy Policy"

The only information we collect is what goes into the sign-up form: a site name, the URL, and the link to its RSS feed. This information is stored in a Github repository, which is the main engine for maintaining the listing. We collect this information in order to display it again on this site, and so that the ring's functionality can work as intended. Frankly, if you want your website kept private, you shouldn't be putting in in a webring.

We don't collect or store any other info at all. If you would like your listing removed from the ring, feel free to contact an admin and we will be happy to help.

Right of Removal

The admins reserve the right to remove any site from the list at any time, for any reason. We also reserve the right to take down this service at any time, for any reason. We don't anticipate exercising these rights, but we cannot see the future and we need to provide ourselves options in worst case scenarios.

Living Document

This code of conduct is a living document and can be updated at any time. We will provide a notification of such updates on the main page of this site. We cannot notify individual site owners, as we do not collect any contact information to use. We recommend checking in now and again to make sure you are aware of any changes.